Mega Rummy: Hottest Rummy App In India

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Looking for a platform where you can play endless Rummy games? Then, you must check the new Mega Rummy app. Considered India’s hottest gaming platform, Mega Rummy is the right place for all game lovers. Its intuitive interface assures a good gaming experience.

Mega Rummy offers you the best User Interface to simplify your online rummy experience. Also, it offers you extra huge rewards to participate in more content.

Mega Rummy previously named “GetMega Rummy”, believes in responsible gaming and has built a platform where security, trust, and fairness are of the utmost importance. To deliver on that promise, Mega Rummy only allows 100% verified profiles on the platform and only skill games with verified gameplay.

Mega Rummy App

About Mega Rummy App

Mega Rummy led by Megashots Internet Pvt Ltd with a brand name GetMega settled in Bengaluru and they have fully focused on real money social platform Rummy and Poker.

Founded 5 years ago by serial entrepreneurs Mayank Kumar and Lokesh Jangid. Mega Rummy has crossed 50 million downloads to date and GetMega Team is focused on building a truly global product from India and building a platform that will reach a hyperscale of 100 million users in the coming years.

Mega Rummy brings you the joy of gaming with the thrill of real money and a truly unique entertainment experience.

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Mega Rummy App Features

The main reason behind choosing to play rummy online on Mega Rummy is the many benefits offered by this platform. Mega Rummy promotes entertainment and player enjoyment, thus encouraging responsible gaming. It helps protect players from the negative effects of gaming through their age verification process and spreading awareness about responsibility while gaming. Apart from this, there are other important advantages of playing Rummy at Mega Rummy:

24×7 Chat Support For Customers

If you are stuck on any question or have any problem related to the game, you can always seek help from Mega Rummy’s 24×7 chat support system. Your queries will be answered immediately so that you can resume playing Rummy again.

Data Privacy And Security

By choosing Mega Rummy, the issue of security and privacy is no longer a concern for players with the platform’s assurance of keeping all player data safe. Mega Rummy’s best-in-class architecture and strategies are used to keep all your data safe, so you can enjoy playing games without major hassles.

Zero Tolerance For Fraudulent Practices

Once again, Mega Rummy implements frequent security scans and checks on its platform to provide players with a fair game system and maintain the integrity of the game across all tables. These are done randomly to detect collusion or any potential fraudulent activity on the app. With a zero-tolerance policy towards fraudulent practices, Mega Rummy bans such players and profiles from the platform.

Authentic Gameplay

To guarantee the fairness of the game for all participating players, Mega Rummy uses authentic shuffling mechanics and a Random Number Generator, also known as RNG. All these systems are certified by Australia-based iTech Labs, so there is no reason to have any doubt about this game and you can enjoy playing rummy properly.

Verified Player Profile

In Mega Rummy, you will play against real players. They run age verification and overall checks and only allow 100% verified profiles. This is done to maintain the integrity of their game’s matchmaking system. Mega Rummy ensures a safe gaming experience, where you can earn real money by playing rummy online.

How To Download The Mega Rummy App?

Mega Rummy is a rummy game app that rewards users with cash bonuses for participating in various Rummy games. Besides Rummy, the app also features another popular card game called Poker. You can also redeem the ₹20,000 welcome bonus on your first deposits to contest tournaments that will help you win huge cash. As said before, to get this bonus you must download the app on your mobile device. 

  • First, visit the official website
  • You will see the Download Now button to start downloading the app. 
  • It will ask for Start Now or Download anyway.
  • Click to DOWNLOAD the App. 
  • Once the download process is completed, click on Install.
  • The app will be installed. 

Mega Rummy allows people to participate in any Rummy game of their choice. Thus, to avail of a cash bonus, download the app by following these simple steps as mentioned above. All these games have practice modes to make them enjoyable even for beginners. 

How To Sign Up On The Mega Rummy App?

Sign up with the Mega Rummy app to receive the bonus reward. This normally occurs after you’ve installed the app on your mobile device. The steps below will show you how to sign up for the Mega Rummy app.

  1. To start with the sign-up procedure, enter your mobile number.
  2. You will receive a verification code on your given mobile number. 
  3. Once the verification part is completed, the sign-up process is completed.
  4. After a few seconds, you can see the Rummy tables on the screen.
  5. To check whether your registration process is successful or not you can go to the “Wallet” option.
  6. If you see some cash in your wallet, then your signup process is successful. 

How to deposit money in the Mega Rummy app?

The Mega Rummy app is extremely beneficial for players, particularly Rummy fans. Playing numerous games on this site allows users to win real money worth up to INR 100,000. Besides providing bonuses, the app lets you deposit money in its inbuilt wallet, which you can later use for playing games. How, let’s find out. 

  1. Launch the app of Mega Rummy.
  2. Select the Menu option on the top-left corner of your mobile. 
  3. Click on the “Wallet” option from the Menu. 
  4. To deposit money in the app, you need to press the “Add Cash” option.
  5. The minimum amount that you can deposit in the wallet is Rs.100.
  6. If you have a coupon code, apply that to make the deposit. 
  7. Now to complete the deposit transaction, choose any payment method (PayTM, UPI, Debit Card, etc.)

How To Withdraw Cash From The Mega Rummy App?

Mega Rummy, like the deposit option, provides a withdrawal method that may be used to withdraw money. The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts are specified in the app itself. 

Now, let’s go over the withdrawal procedure on the Mega Rummy app.

  1. Open the Mega Rummy app and select the menu icon on the top left corner of your mobile. 
  2. After that, select the “Wallet” option. 
  3. Then to continue with the withdrawings, you will need a PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and Bank Account Verification. 
  4. You have to upload the images of the above-mentioned documents. 
  5. After the KYC process is finished, enter the amount that you wish to withdraw. 

Mega Rummy Refer & Earn Program

  • Earn up to 5% Rakeback rewards by referring your friends!
  • To be eligible for the referral rewards, Both the referrer and his/her referral should be KYC verified before the referral makes their first deposit to be eligible for Bonus.
  • As a referrer, you and your friend will earn 3% Rakeback (in mega credits) for lifetime Rake up to ₹10,000.
  • If your friend’s lifetime Rake exceeds ₹10,000, both of you will earn 5% Rakeback.
  • Your Rakeback reward will be added to your wallet every hour and can be tracked in the “My earnings” section.
  • Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn rewards while sharing the fun with your friends!

Mega Rummy Customer Support

Mega Rummy is a gaming platform that allows you to play various licensed games, making gambling legal in India. The app has responsive customer service where you may ask questions about any app-related issue. Mega Rummy’s customer service offers a dedicated dashboard where you can address any questions you have about the app. This includes the 41 rummy sign-up bonus.

  • Email
  • Contact through social media handles like Facebook and Instagram.
  • There’s an even easier way to contact us! You can send your queries to us through the ‘Contact Us’ option available on the home page of the Mega Rummy app.


If you’re looking for a serious challenge and want to win real money, Mega Rummy’s Rummy game is a great option. Card games are popular with a wide range of individuals, including older and younger generations. Among the many different types of card games, rummy stands out. It is one of India’s most popular card games, and its popularity has extended globally. The popular rummy game can now easily be played on the mobile device against expert opponents. Furthermore, Mega Rummy has been included in the list of bonuses, making it a beneficial app for Rummy fans.